520, I Love Zero,

Sometimes, something gets popular just because it sounds good, and fluent when spoken, like poems, May 20th happens to be Saturday today, I love the Zero Point mindset, and I am most often a slow actioner,,, 

I have some QQ numbers, and 4 zeros in the middle, if you wanna find me on QQ, just type 359000081 and you see SubtleWaterFlower again, WeChat now is a different name, and WeChat is Green color, for prosperity, because trees are green and growing even though green in Chinese totally another meaning, haha,, so, knowing more and understands more, like many CSTs, Central Australia, Central US, Central Cuba, China Standard Timezone, blablablabla...

Acronyms everywhere, MVP, most value player in LOL(:), most viable product,,,,

But does zero means having nothing, OMG!!!!:?::

HAhA, happy today, may you have a nice and great day,

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