About My Tripple Systems Desk Setup System Upgrade

As a full stack developer, I actually have several computers, especially last year, I upgraded my devices and 2 new computers joined my family, Hasee G8TN7NP, and MacMiniM2, and I also upgraded the hardwares. HaseeG8 40GBRAM, and 1.5TNVME and systems with dual boot Win11 plus Ubuntu22. MacMini with an external NVME disk box and 1T NVME.

I struggled a lot setting up Ubuntu 22 on this laptop today. Previously the 1T NVME was installed into the MacAir2017 as dual boot for OSX and Ubuntu, but I did not want to install Ubuntu once again, plus I found it unnecessary to have too much disk volume space for the MacAir2017 since the MacMimiM2 arrived, I installed back the 128GB Apple disk and installed the 1T SN550 SSD to this HaseeG8, and apparently dual disks for dual boot works smoothly.

Then time arrived to install drivers and use Ubuntu properly. 

I really tried a lot of Ubuntu uses, besides what we learnt in the subject "Internet Operating System" by my major teachers, this time more practical uses of "Upgrading and Switching Ubuntu Kernels", "Install proprietary Driver for the 3060 video card","Configure Software package manger sources APT, SNAP, GNOME, LightDM, telinit runleve,etc", today to record, the Linux driver for 3060GPU proprietary switched back to 470 since I upgraded to kernel 6.2 and recommended 535 does not work for dual external monitors one not detected issue.


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