VSCode To Create A Maven Web APP Integrating Tomcat7 For Development. && Customizing Customised Archetype && Deployment Tomcat
Custom a maven web project and custom a filter, mvn archetype:create-from-project, mvn archetype:update-local-catalog, mvn archetype:generate
Now look into linux &Mac privilege promotion
maven local repo somewhere outside of current user privilege scope
Telling The Server My Home Public IP Heartbeatly,
Having private server, using it to host private services and apps and access it any time,
520, I Love Zero,
Tree core, that's it, prosperous and ever-grwo, 0000
Ubuntu 22.04.1LTS Multiple Display DP Port Not Displaying Issue With NVIDIA 3060 Laptop GPU
Fix a triple displays Ubuntu 22 with 2 on HDMI and DP, and kernel and using working NVIDIA graphic card driver, and choose shutdown some of them,
Specially Record A Ubuntu "/boot/efi space too small" issue
Ubuntu multi-boot too many systems taking up /boot/efi space, remove to recover space
My Ultimate Macbook Air 2017 setup
Switched back to 128G APPLE Samsung SSD, cooler than DIY 1t WDSN570,
Use PeanutShell Forwarding and Hosting Site Purely on Local Server
plans on local setup,
Cut Yourself A Little Slack
Cut yourself some slack
[Editing][Springboot]Creating A Springboot Application And Integrate Fast Business With Security, JPA, Logging, RT Messaging, Caching, Mail, Scheduler, etc.
Setting Up Springboot BE Infrastructures