Linux Code Version Control System Explained And Linux Basic User Management.

I have ever written blog posts about managing Users on Linux more than once when I recall, and each time detailed.

Recently I set up my code version control, I have sought to explore more. I once considered using Linux FileSystem for my code version control, but a friendly UI seems my pleasant to code with.


So I set up one gitlab. 


But how to create a version control system on Linux? As I could think of, using Linux File system Management is apparently the correct path.

So I am reviewing this part,  useradd someusername, groupadd somegroupname, 

chown 755 someusername:somegroup /home/somenewname -R, -R means moving old folder recursively to new username and home folder name, chmod 755 /home/somenewname -R. After moving one user to another group, we also should change the privileges to the new somenewname.

So, version control is about managing git users in fact, just manage the linux system users and we can manage each user's code.



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